TOUGH DOG  TD APP fully respects your privacy, and shall spare no effort to protect your personal information. Generally, you will not be required to provide any personal information for using TOUGH DOG  TD APP. For specific purposes, in case you provide your name, gender, category and number of credentials, date of birth, country, E-mail address, telephone number, contact address, postal code, services or information desired and other similar personal information that are required for registration or reading E-information by voluntarily filling in forms, you will be deemed having understood and accepted the use of your personal information and agreed that TOUGH DOG’s  TD APP uses your personal information for the specific purposes. Meanwhile, in order to operate and improve technology and service of TOUGH DOG  TD APP, TOUGH DOG  TD APP may collect, use and provide your non- privacy information to any third party, which is helpful for TOUGH DOG  TD APP to provide you with a better user experience and service quality.

TOUGH DOG  TD APP will not sell your personal information at any time under any circumstance. Your personal information will only be used within a limited scope of your specific authorization or to the extent permitted by law. However, TOUGH DOG  TD APP may provide certain portion of your personal information to law executive organs and government authorities as so requested. TOUGH DOG  TD APP might disclose certain portion of your personal information within a strictly limited scope of recipients when TOUGH DOG  TD APP reasonably thinks it is necessary for protecting TOUGH DOG  TD APP, its customers or the public. You shall have foreseen and agreed to the occurrence of such events when you provide your personal information.